Company Profile

Company Profile

About Eagle Tool

Believe in growing with client, dedicated to be a trustworthy supplier for importers.

Founded in 1987, Eagle Tool is a well renowned OEM/ODM supplier for various tool brands or auto shops worldwide. With abundant experiences, trustworthy attitude, reasonable price and high quality, Eagle Tool has gained consecutive orders from customers all over the world.

In fact, we are one of the few factories in Taiwan that has enough space and experiences to assemble for complicated tool sets with more than 150 pcs. Mostly manufactured in Taiwan, our products qualified the requirement of various product safety or examination standards and are used to get 3rd party factory or products audits by large customers.

Even facing edging competitions from other developing countries, we performs more than 10,000,000 US dollars of export a year.

Today, Eagle Tool continues to lead the industry by dedicating to providing high quality products and best support for customers.

All our products can be customized. For more company information, please click to see Introduction video on youtube.